Welcome to Highrock MetroWest! If you’re new to Highrock, our live-streamed Sunday service is the best place to get to know us. Whether you're looking for a church or a place to ask questions and connect with God, we look forward to getting to know you!



10am live-streamed services

Sunday service at Highrock provides a chance to rejoice, revive, and rest as we worship, serve and laugh together. It also provides a space for community, where messy and broken people come together to encounter a loving God who desires to heal and transform. It's a time when we find strength in following Christ together. 

We've always said, "Come as you are!" and even more so now that we are meeting online. You don’t have to dress or act a certain way, or even believe what we believe. We worship in a variety of ways - through songs, stories, art, and sermons. We value relevance while adhering to centuries-old Christian traditions and incorporate both ancient and contemporary elements in our worship. 

Before service, tune in for exciting kid-targeted programming beginning at 9:00 AM on Zoom for toddlers through fifth graders. Our Kidsrock director and volunteers are always hard at work preparing materials and praying for our children, and would love to include you in their communications about how to engage with your children on a spiritual level during quarantine. Questions? Reach out to Kidsrock Director Grace Taber at

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After the Service

We invite you to stay online after the service ends and connect with the preaching pastor and others over Zoom to discuss the sermon. In addition, be on the lookout for periodic Meet the Pastors Zoom sessions in which you can meet the pastors of several local Highrock churches, learn about our community, faith, and history and ask any questions you may have.

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Kids & Teens

Toddlers through Grade Five

Our Kidsrock team is devoted to investing in our children and teaching them about God's love and the Bible. On Sunday mornings before service, we present exciting, kid-targeted programs geared towards kids aged two through grade five via Zoom. During the service, you'll see families helping out with the worship music, doing motions or singing along. After service, tune in on Zoom again to give your kids a chance to interact with their peers, share a laugh and build relationships.

For more information on what Kidsrock is up to during the week, or to learn more about our Kidsrock Ministry in general, please contact Kidsrock Director Grace Taber at

Grades Six through Twelve

At Highrock, we love watching our kids take ownership of their faith and discover God's purposes for their lives as adolescents. For many, young adulthood can be a pivotal time for spiritual growth and at Highrock we try to foster this growth in middle and high school youth groups where students can grow in faith together surrounded by their peers and positive role models. Mant of our teens serve in various areas of the church like Kidsrock, worship, tech, welcoming, or hospitality ministries. In fact, we encourage high schoolers to participate in the entire worship service so that they connect with the whole church. Our sermons and other content are directly relevant to the lives of our teens!

For more information about middle school programming and ministry, contact Michael Taber at To learn about our high school youth group email Doug Meppelink at

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Rest of the Week

There’s always something going on at Highrock! Many of our community groups have regular midweek gatherings, small groups meet during the week, and there are special events happening throughout the year. Please note, at this time, all in-person gatherings have been cancelled or moved to online venues. 

For information about our Men's Gathering and Small Groups contact Pastor John;

For information about our Women's Gathering contact Pastor Meghan;

For information about the Jog for Joy 5K contact Pastor Ryan;


Check the Calendar to see a list of our upcoming events!