Exodus: Taking Steps from Captivity to Community

Sep 25, 2019

We may live in "the land of the free", but many of us are held captive. Whether it's by social structures or personal sins, many of us feel trapped, unable to move forward into the kind of life that we long for. Our fall sermon series is for those ready for a change.

The Exodus story inspired Martin Luther King Jr. and can inspire us today! It's the epic story of God freeing people in captivity, shaping them into a community, and leading them into God’s promises. But it wasn’t easy. The people needed God to defeat their enemies and part the seas, and they needed to take some scary steps. Yet through all of this, God set them free and led them into full life.

We believe that the Lord is doing the same thing today. And if you join us in stepping deeper into relationship with God, God's people, and God's purposes, you'll find that real change is possible!