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Jul 14, 2022

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Morning Has Broken!

By Jason Cross, Worship Director

This Sunday, July 17, Pastor George will preach in our continuing series on Body Parts. Information about the series and a study guide can be found here. To close out his message, we're excited to sing "Morning Has Broken" as our response song. This song was first published in 1931 by English author Eleanor Farjeon who was asked to write a hymn to give thanks for each day that would fit the Scottish tune 'Bunessan'.  The song had been a popular children's hymn and a favorite of many for celebrations of life.  It was made immensely popular (U.S. Billboard Weekly Chart #1 in 1971) by the British pop/folk singer Cat Stevens. Stevens, a long-time spiritual seeker, found spiritual significance in the lyrics and tune.  Our prayer is that as we join in singing this beautiful hymn, we would be reminded to delight in the miracles that we can find in each new day, if we will just pause to listen and watch. Praise be to God!

Morning Has Broken: A Reflection

By Highrock MetroWest High School Student, Averie Lee

In my mind, the hymn Morning Has Broken is about hope and new beginnings, and about appreciating the world that God has given us. The lyrics speak of optimism, of opportunities,  and of a fresh start. The song’s descriptive details show imagery of a lush, thriving spring, animals, and plants - similar to the Garden of Eden, as it alludes to in the third verse. Spring is often associated with new beginnings, the time after the old plants have withered away and made room for new growth. On this spring morning, the future is wide open for us. The morning in this song is a blessing, both in the hope metaphor and a blessing in its natural wonder. Even the simple gift of a pleasant morning is something to admire and be grateful for. The majestic piano in the background creates an awe-inspiring feeling, and allows the listener to really appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. Because of our powerful hope that it will be the right thing, we are able to wake up every morning and focus on where we will go next.

We are thankful for Averie Lee's reflection. She serves as a summer intern at Highrock MetroWest in several areas including editing the Newsletter. 


Ways to Be Involved!



Summer slows down at Highrock programmatically, but we are busy planning for the Fall. Please know that your pastors are available. The prayer group meets weekly as described below and many of the small groups continue as well. Please pray for your staff as they meet in August to combine plans for a meaningful Fall and Winter together exploring what it means to live out the extravagant love of Jesus at MetroWest. 



Liberty Church located at 495 Hartford Turnpike in Shrewsbury invites area churches and neighbors to their summer concert Holy Spirit Come! The concert features area artists singing contemporary Christian favorites. No tickets are necessary; there is no charge for the concert. 



Please send your prayer requests to our Prayer Team Leader Foluke Ajayi at mofoluwake09@gmail.com. The prayer team meets weekly by zoom on Wednesday evenings to pray for the needs of the church and in-person at HighrockMetrowest on a monthly basis (see below). Please consider praying with us.


OCT. 2 -- Edible Theology: A Hands-on Food Event with a Deep Meaning by Kendall Vanderslice. 

This will be a lot of fun and richly meaningful and educative! Save the date!


OCT. 22 -- Women's Fall Retreat: Forgiveness & Renewal.

Saturday, Oct. 22, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm at the home of Camile Humphries Lee, 11 Cushing St, Wellesley, MA.

Our Fall HRMW Women's retreat will take place on Saturday, October 22 - 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. . Spiritual Director and former RCC pastor Adele Calhoun will lead us in a study of forgiveness and renewal through three more chapters of her book, Invitations from God. 

There is no need to have attended our winter retreat to derive full benefit from this fall retreat! 

We have 20 spots. The cost of registration is $35 for women who already have the book, and $50 for first-timers, which includes a copy of the book. We look forward with joy to this time of togetherness.  

Purchase your spot for the retreat, and a book if you need one, using this form.  Registration question? Contact katiesmith.milway@gmail.com


Resources for Growing Deeper!

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Kidsrock is on summer break. Activity clipboards are available for children in the worship service. 

Youth: Read about Middle School and High School youth programs.

The Highrock Family Ministry Team released excellent new resources for parents of tweens, teens, and young adults. The resources are entitled Fresh Ideas for Better Connections related to our current theme Growing With. Check them out here!

High School Internships

Highrock MetroWest volunteer high school internships for Fall of 2022. The program involves both service to the church and also leadership development training resulting in a public ceremony in church and the presentation of a Certificate in Leadership Development for a Non-Profit. For more information on the HRMW program, contact Pastor George at GeorgeC@highrock.org

Study and Small Groups at Highrock

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We have newly formed Highrock MetroWest small groups. Contact Pastor George for more information: GeorgeC@Highrock.org

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For those wanting to go deeper in spiritual practices and contemplative prayer, we encourage you to look into the work of our guides and the work of the SoulCare ministry


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