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May 12, 2022

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God Sightings at Highrock!

By Pastor Ryan Marshal, RyanM@highrock.org

People So Dearly Loved By God,

This past week the staff that serve Highrock MetroWest met for a full day of reflecting and dreaming about what God is doing in our community. It was a rich time of processing and imagining. It was also a special time of getting to hear from each staff member about the amazing things they are getting to witness in the areas they are involved. I came away from that time very encouraged as I heard about YOU and how you’re following Jesus. THEN on Wednesday, the MetroWest pastors gathered with leaders from our broader collaborative of Highrock churches to continue sharing what we have been witnessing God doing among our communities. Sometimes these “God sightings” make a lot of sense. Like, “we invested in planning the young adult retreat, and God did something really significant in the lives of the participants.” That makes sense, doesn’t it? BUT other times, it seems like God is doing something SO MUCH GREATER than anything we’d planned, expected, or hoped for. For example, some of us would never have expected that a video sermon would have been so stirring for our community that everyone would have clapped at the end! BUT that’s exactly what happened a few weeks ago when Pastor John preached (via video) about God’s gift of grace. WOW! 

God is doing amazing things in and through you, and it is SO amazing to behold. I encourage you to continue in your openness to God’s nudges and invitations to become a truer YOU in Christ. 

I am looking forward to being with you again this Sunday for worship at Highrock MetroWest. I will preach LIVE about how we can shed old cycles of conflict and learn new ways of dealing with stress in Christ. If you can’t be with us at MetroWest I am also preaching on HighrockOnline, so there’s an easy way for you to keep on track with this sermon series. 

On behalf of all the staff at Highrock, we are with you in prayer, here to support you, and routing for you to move forward with bold faith in Christ. What a joy to be on the journey together!


Pastor Ryan


Worship Preview

by Jason Cross, Worship Director, JasonC@highrock.org

Worship Songs for Sunday:
I Am Yours
Christ is Risen
Call Upon the Name of the Lord
This I Believe

Christianity is a received faith. We don't get to make it up, but we do get to participate in the conversation. What difference does what we believe make in our lifetime, in our culture, in our homes? It may look very different now than it did over 2,000 years ago, but there is also so much that hasn't changed. One of the songs we'll sing this Sunday recounts in musical form what nearly all Christians have believed for nearly 2,000 years–the Apostle's Creed. In many faith traditions, the Apostle's Creed is recited every week. This week, we will sing it together as an expression of these central truths that have been a scarlet thread of our faith for nearly two millennia and continue the ongoing conversation of what these truths can mean in our world today. 


Family Ministry

by Grace Taber, Kidsrock Director, GraceT@highrock.org

Hello families!
Are you ready to make waves?
Calling all elementary-aged kids (those entering kindergarten through those who just finished 5th grade) for an exciting week of Make Waves. We'll get to learn that what we do today not only changes our lives but makes a ripple effect to change the world! Join us July 18th-22nd from 6:00-8:15 pm at our church building (754 Greendale Ave, in Needham). Registration is now open until May 22nd. Click here to register your child/children. We hope to see you there! 

Family Ministry Volunteers
Highrock is now recruiting volunteers for Kidsrock, Middle School, and High School ministry. For more information, contact one of Highrock MetroWest's Family Ministry Team or email Brian Dietz at Brian@highrock.org


Sermon Series and Study Materials

Highrock’s Switch: Easter Changes Everything sermon series is underway. Here is a link to a wonderful set of materials for small groups or individual study. 


Women of Highrock MetroWest



Ways to Be Involved!



By Pastor George Cladis, GeorgeC@highrock.org

Please send your prayer requests to our Prayer Team Leader Foluke Ajayi at mofoluwake09@gmail.com. The prayer team meets Wednesday evenings to pray for the needs of the church. Please pray for a family grieving the death of a father; an immigrant Nigerian family looking for a place to call home, for their two young children to settle in the USA well, and for the father to find work in urban health care (he is an MD who was formerly with the CDC); for those who are struggling with addictions; for those depressed and lonely; and for those who are searching for a deeper meaning and hope in life. Prayers that Highrock MetroWest can be a "city on a hill" that gives witness to transformation in Jesus to new life! 


MAY 14, 2 pm. Trail Sisters Walk 

Please join HRMW women for their monthly trail walks and fellowship this Spring! Dogs welcome. The Trail Sisters Leadership Team: Milway katiesmith.milway@gmail.comKathryn Dietz dietz.kathryn@gmail.comCamille Humphries camille.humphries@gmail.com, and Jillian Chen chenjillian@gmail.com

Upcoming walk
We'd like to invite you to join a trail walk this Saturday from 2-3:30 p.m. in Noanet Woodlands, Dover, MA.
We'll be meeting in Eileen Wong's backyard, which abuts the Woodland, and hiking from there on a gently rising trail, fine for all paces and ages. 

Please RSVP using this button if you can join us. When you register, you will see where to go (Eileen Wong's address):   

Separately: Mark your calendars for our next Women's Retreat with Adele Calhoun on Saturday, Sept. 24th, studying another 3 chapters from "Invitations from God."  We'll have space for 20 participants.  Registration form to come.  
God Bless, Katie, Kathryn, Camille, and Jillian.  781-244-5005


JUNE 5, 11:30 AM. Youth Benefit Concert for Ukrainian Children.

Save the date for this wonderful concert held in the Highrock MetroWest worship center to benefit Ukrainian children. More details to come. 


JUNE 12, 10 AM. Milestone Sunday/Confirmation Sunday AND Volunteer Appreciation Sunday! (Whew!)

A joyous Sunday worship service of welcoming our confirmation youth into the full membership of the church, baptizing new members, and celebrating what God is doing with our children and youth! We also will honor our volunteers that worked with your children and youth to this point, and ALL the church volunteers who serve in our ministry. A catered SoulFood to follow the service.


OCT. 2 -- Edible Theology: A Hand-on Food Event with a Deep Meaning by Kendall Vanderslice. 

This will be a lot of fun and richly meaningful and educative! Save the date!


Resources for Growing Deeper!

For Parents, Youth and Families

Kidsrock Nursery to Grade 5 - meets every Sunday at 10 am during the worship hour. Please make sure to drop off and pick up your child following service. The app we use for check-in is here -- please download it. Our Kidsrock staff can help you use it. 

Youth: Read about Middle School and High School youth programs.

The Highrock Family Ministry Team released excellent new resources for parents of tweens, teens, and young adults. The resources are entitled Fresh Ideas for Better Connections related to our current theme Growing With. Check them out here!

High School Internships

Highrock MetroWest volunteer high school internships for the Summer, and Fall of 2022. The program involves both service to the church and also leadership development training resulting in a public ceremony in church and the presentation of a Certificate in Leadership Development for a Non-Profit. For more information on the HRMW program, contact Pastor George at GeorgeC@highrock.org

Study and Small Groups at Highrock

HighrockOnline has a broad range of learning opportunities. Check them out here

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for more devotional and study links.

We have newly formed Highrock MetroWest small groups. Contact Pastor George for more information: GeorgeC@Highrock.org

SoulCare and Pastoral Care

For those wanting to go deeper in spiritual practices and contemplative prayer, we encourage you to look into the work of our guides and the work of the SoulCare ministry


Daily Devotional with John Mury, Dave Swaim, and Highrock Staff

A 15-minute devotional is released daily at 5 am. 

"God in Five Minutes!" 

A five-minute weekly podcast based on the last sermon preached.

It's Greek to Me! 

Biblical exegesis in a five-minute read by Pastor George (Note: this link takes the reader to GeorgeCladis.com.)

HRMW Feedback Form

Let your church know how to improve worship and ministry to draw people into a deeper life with Jesus.