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Oct 14, 2021

Dear Highrockers at MetroWest,

In Mark 1:21-28, Jesus calls out an unclean spirit in a man worshipping God in the Capernaum synagogue on the Sabbath. Describing this scene using anachronisms: a fellow is sitting in church, singing praise songs, swaying to the music, uttering prayers, listening and nodding to the sermon, taking communion, and eating SoulFood afterward while discussing the latest New York Times headline…and yet is possessed by an unclean spirit.  

But then Jesus came into the room and presented God. Another way to say this: Jesus was God Present! Jesus called out the unclean spirit and the poor churchgoer writhed and shrieked in agony while the spirit fled.

Because, once you’ve allowed an unclean spirit to make a home within you, it is painful to get rid of it. That’s how it works. You invited it in because it promised you relief from your stress-filled life; but then you can’t get rid of it because it is too painful to send it out, even though it is making an even greater mess of your life than before. You see, it lied about taking away the stress. It only did that at first. Now, it’s making everything about you worse off.

The unclean spirits are myriad. They can be drugs, alcohol, sex, power, gambling, cell phone addictions, pornography, obsessive behaviors, status-seeking, gaming, overeating, under-eating, not eating, eating badly, shopping, spending…the list is long. These are clever little demons and they wreak havoc on you!

But notice in the text: when Jesus is present, there is the power to be free of them. The poor man still writhed in pain to give up that pesky gremlin, but nonetheless, he was released and made well.

That power is available to you. God is able to free you from those things you find impossible to shake, and yet are hurting you and those around you. Want to know more? Keep coming to church. Cultivate an active prayer life. Contact one of your pastors.

By the power of God’s Spirit, you can be free!

To God be the Glory,
Pastor George


NEWS of the Church

Trail Sisters

Trail Sisters is a gathering of women from Highrock MetroWest who share their lives while walking local trails together. They generally meet on the second Sunday of every month (except October 2021). Here is the fall 2021 schedule:

October 23 Read more about this walk.
November 13
December 11

For more information, contact Kathryn Dietz at dietz.kathryn@gmail.com

Fall Family Festival! 

Join us, Oct 31st from 2:30 - 5 pm for a Fall Family Festival! A fun time to connect, eat, and enjoy time together. We will have plenty of games, crafts, and snacks to munch on. Come as you are, or dressed in your best costumes. 

C.S. Lewis Movie The Most Reluctant Convert

We have a limited number of tickets to a film about the life of C.S. Lewis entitled The Most Reluctant Convert. The date is November 3 at 7 pm at the Regal FenwayTheater in Boston. Tickets are $17.35 each. Purchase tickets HERE! Your seats will be located in a section of Highrock MetroWest attendees. If the ticket link does not work on your device, please contact Pastor George at GeorgeC@highrock.org

C.S. Lewis Discussion Group

On Wednesday evening, November 10, at 7 pm, a discussion group on the faith and writings of C.S. Lewis will be held with a brief introduction to Lewis by Frederick Lee. Dr. Lee had involvement in the publication of The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex, and the Meaning of Life by Armand Nicholi, Jr. This event is a great opportunity to invite friends and interested persons to explore and be curious about the question of God. You must register HERE to receive the zoom link for the group discussion. Some participants will have seen the movie The Most Reluctant Convert about the life of C.S. Lewis. More information about the film showing in our area on November 3. You do not need to have seen the movie to participate in this discussion group. 

Fireside Chat with Pastor Dave Swaim

You are invited to a Fireside Chat with Dave on Sunday, October 17, 8-9 pm, via Zoom. Pull up a chair from the comfort of your own home and tune in for a fireside chat with our Senior Pastor. 

Worship Time Change Set for November 7, 2021 to 10 am.

Sunday, November 7, is the beginning of Daylight Savings Time when we all roll our clocks back an hour e.g. 9 am becomes 8 am. However, Highrock MetroWest in-person worship time will move to 10 am starting November 7 so, in essence, your biological clock remains the same regarding worship time. Kidsrock will also be at 10 am and SoulFood follows worship. 

Save the Date for Jog for Joy!

Jog for Joy will be held both in-person and virtually at Highrock MetroWest on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 1 pm. Read more

For Families

Kidsrock continues to be held for grades K-5 during the 9 am worship hour (10 am starting Nov. 7) at the MetroWest campus. We will open it up to nursery and pre-school age children when COVID cases are reduced and more children are vaccinated. Autumn Middle School and High School youth programs are underway! Read more at those links.

Study and Small Groups at Highrock

Last week, we launched new opportunities for study and small groups. Read more here.

SoulCare and Pastoral Care

For those wanting to go deeper in spiritual practices and contemplative prayer, we encourage you to look into the work of our guides and the work of the SoulCare ministry.

Worship at Highrock MetroWest

The MetroWest campus is open for every Sunday morning following these COVID protocols. If you are not yet ready for in-person worship, we offer Highrock Online as a great way to worship from your home.

"God in Five Minutes!" 

A five-minute weekly podcast based on the last sermon preached.

It's Greek to Me! 

Biblical exegesis in a two minute read by Pastor George (Note: this link takes the reader to a non-Highrock website)